Why Are There Multiple Charges On My Account

When you check out, we issue a temporary hold to ensure there are funds to complete your purchase. This isn’t a charge. We only charge you for the final total. Each time you place or add items to your order, we issue a new temporary hold for the amount added.

Your bank should remove the temporary hold within 5 business days.

What happens

What you see in your account

Placing and receiving an order

You may receive a temporary hold after you check out.

You are charged when you receive your order.

Adding items to your order

You may also see a smaller hold in your account.

This hold reflects the item(s) you added to your original order. Your bank should remove that hold within 5 business days.

Removing items from your order

If you remove items from your order, you’ll still see the hold reflected in your account.

We do not adjust the hold after items are removed from your order.

Canceling orders

If your order is canceled, we signal to your bank or credit card company to release the hold.

It may take 24-48 hours for the bank to release the funds to your account. 

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