Shmuel Wasserman

Shmuel Wasserman

CEO & Founder

When Shmuel was starting a family, he moved to Israel. He got his first job at a meat and chicken company as a customer service account representative. He excelled at delivering unparalleled experiences to his customers and was soon hired by a large hi tech company as head of customer service. When he came to Chicago in 2007, he joined Shallots Bistro as co-owner and manager. He then ventured into wholesale kosher distribution and built Midtown Kosher Distribution into a national provider. Today he is bringing these same values and service to the broader community with Kosher Value. Shmuel loves to go fishing, kayaking, boating, skiing, and biking.
Favorite kosher meal?
His wife’s homemade Morrocan style fish, jalapenos and chickpeas are key.

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